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This is how our Disposable Oil and Grease Filters can save you money.

How it works

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Wool disposable oil and grease filters

Benefits of Kitchen Disposable Oil and Grease Filters can save you money

Commercial oil and grease build-up starts in the meal filters then travels through the hoods and ducts all the way to the roof. A problem that needs a cost effective solution.

Shepherd Filters capture up to 98% of the grease particles compared to regular metal baffle filters, which only capture about 18-20% of these same grease particles. The best thing? Store employees can replace the disposable kitchen grease filters when needed and dispose of the old filters in your regular rubbish. They are made from wool, which makes them not only fire retardant, but also completely biodegradable.

Improves Fire Safety – The wool disposable kitchen grease filters that we offer capture the grease before entering the kitchen hood exhaust system. Substantially reducing the grease build-up that enters the plenum, duct work, fans, and roofs, minimizing the risk of a catastrophic fire. They are made from wool which is a natural fire retardant material.

Reduces Exhaust System Cleaning – Kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleaning is reduced to about 25% of the current cleaning frequency, and less frequent cleaning means less inconvenience, labour, and expenses. For 24 hour kitchens, it also means less business interruption.

Saves Labour – Some commercial kitchens clean their baffle filters nightly, weekly, etc. This is no longer necessary. Utilizing Disposable Wool kitchen grease filters, airborne grease is prevented from entering the kitchen hood exhaust system and provides immediate savings by reducing labour costs associated with kitchen exhaust cleaning and the number of kitchen duct cleanings dramatically.

Saves Water & Chemicals – By reducing the current grease hood and kitchen duct cleaning schedules, you’re also greatly lessening the amount of water and chemicals used to maintain a clean system.

Saves Energy – A cleaner kitchen exhaust system, roof top fans, HVAC and other rooftop equipment results in a more efficient operation of the equipment, not to mention less maintenance. Wool is a renewable material source.

Saves Your Roof – The containment of grease laden vapors occurs before they enter the kitchen hood exhaust system, eliminating the grease particles emitting from the rooftop fan. The necessity of rooftop containment systems is virtually eliminated. This saves money while extending the life of the roof itself.

Saves On Repairs & Maintenance – Rooftop equipment will stay cleaner longer, i.e., HVAC coils, return air units etc. This equipment will not require the same frequency of cleaning and maintenance since the grease never makes it to the rooftop.

Saves the Environment – These kitchen grease filters are all natural and made from Australian Wool. The filter media is carbon-neutral and will breakdown in the landfill. In today’s world we all need to do our part to help the environment, and this can save thousands of gallons/litres of water use in your kitchen.

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