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Grease Extraction

In commercial kitchens grease build-up in the ductwork of the extraction system can have serious consequences such as:

  • Fire, with a risk to life and property.
  • The extraction efficiency being compromised resulting in discomfort from smells and smoke. This can generate complaints from staff and maybe even customers.
  • Extraction efficiency is reduced and its running cost is increased.
  • Conventional cleaning such as scraping and wiping is time consuming and ineffective.
  • Your insurance may be invalid if you cannot produce proof of professional maintenance.

We use a remotely operated camera to record the condition of the ducting.   Then using leading edge technology, we then spray a specially formulated hot foam to the inside of the hoods and ducts to soften and loosen accumulated grease.   The loose grease is then flushed or brushed out of the ducting.   The remotely operated camera then records the condition of the duct interior to demonstrate that it has been thoroughly cleaned along its whole run.

The Benefits to regular cleaning are:

  • Your extraction system is unlikely to catch fire.
  • Smoke and smells are removed from the workplace, potentially leading to happier staff and customers.
  • Running costs will be reduced because the system is now operating properly.
  • You will be compliant with Health and Safety regulation and The Fire Safety Order (2006).
  • In The Hoods will also supply you with a Maintenance Record.   If the worst should happen, you will be able to prove that your equipment has been maintained by professionals to the highest standards.

It will give you  improved peace of mind and one thing less to worry about!

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