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Ventilation Hygiene

So what’s the issue?

Debris accumulated  inside ventilation ductwork contaminates the air passing through it, resulting everyone breathing unclean air inside.     Because this accumulated debris restricts the airflow through the ducting,  its efficiency is reduced,  its  running costs increased and its working life reduced. Depending on the nature of the contamination, this can create a variety of  health issues for building occupants.  

Given that about 90% of the UK workforce  works inside, not to mention those living in apartment buildings,  this is a significant issue.    There are  both legal and productivity implications for employers, building managers and owners.

So what can be done?

Regular cleaning is imperative to reduce the risks outlined above. We use modern mechanical brushing, air jetting and vacuum systems. That remove all debris.

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So how does it affect you?

Staff sickness and absence will be reduced, with positive effects on productivity.   The potential for  legal action against you will be reduced as well as help to control the operating cost controlled. A win-win all round!

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